Clearfield Job Corps Honors 63 Graduates

Clearfield Job Corps Honors 63 Graduates

Clearfield Job Corps center held their monthly graduation on July 26, 2018 honoring 25 high school graduates and 38 full program graduates. Nikki Garcia, Student Leadership Representative, welcomed family, friends, and staff to honor the 2018 July graduates. Ms. Garcia introduced the center’s Bulldog Choir, who opened the ceremony by singing the National Anthem.

Nikki Garcia welcomed the first student speaker and program completer, Seth Welborn. Seth thanked friends, family, and staff for his success in the program and the leadership skills he gained while being a student. Seth told the audience that he was on a path to ruin his life before he found out about Job Corps. While enrolled he stated he has become a better person and has received both his high school diploma and his certificates in welding. Ms. Garcia presented Seth with a certification of appreciation and introduced the next speaker.

Brandon Maxwell, a full program graduate with honors, opened his speech by telling the audience about his life prior to enrolling to Clearfield Job Corps. “I moved around a lot and ended up in foster care at a younger age. At the age of 14 my grandma became my guardian and just before enrolling she passed away and I became homeless”, Brandon stated. Brandon thanked the staff, instructors, and RA’s for their part in his success. Ms. Garcia thanked Brandon for his speech and presented him with a certification of appreciation.

The Bulldog Choir sang “Seasons of Love” before Mr. Dave Magdiel, Finance & Administration Director, presented the graduates to their friends, family, and staff members. Center Director, Gary Vesta, conducted the tassel ceremony, in which the graduates move their tassels from the right side to the left, and congratulated the graduating class of July 2018. In the midst of celebration the graduates threw their caps in the air which concluded the ceremony.

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