Charleston Job CorpsStudent Success Story

Charleston Job CorpsStudent Success Story

Charleston Job Corps graduate, Antonio Garner, is building the career of his dreams.  Antonio Garner of Richmond, VA, enrolled at Charleston Job Corps on August 26, 2019, where he pursued the Facilities Maintenance Trade.

Garner, among all other Charleston Job Corps students, went from in-class learning to the distance learning platform, in wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.                    When  asked about the challenges of Distance Learning, Garner said, it was difficult.  Life and the struggles experienced through the pandemic, changed his                  outlook.  He said, It gave him a new perspective and forced him to realize the importance of the opportunity provided through the Job Corps program.

On February 22, Garner was part of the third cohort of students returning to the Charleston Job Corps Center.  He said he was informed of the restrictions, but           knew, he wanted to complete what he started.  Garner said that there were times when he felt like giving up, however, that was not in line with his vision.  He               stated, “In the times I felt I was failing, I simply closed my eyes and visualized me as a success.”

Antonio Garner, graduated Charleston Job Corps March 19, 2021  and has secured full-time employment with Aero Tech Staffing.  He is currently working with           Apex Construction Company as a Construction Maintenance worker and will have the opportunity to become a full-time employee with Apex Construction after         90 days.

When asked what he would share with future students, Garner replied, “I would tell them to stay focused, block out anything that is not positive, stay dedicated to your goals and last but not least don’t give up!!!

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