Charleston Job Corps Student Success!
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Charleston Job Corps Student Success!

Charleston Job Corps graduate John Fleming is being featured as the Alumni/Graduate of the Quarter for the month of December, 2019. John Fleming graduated from the Charleston Job Corps Center, operating under Horizons Youth Services, in August, 2015.

Fleming completed both the Pharmacy Technician and Dental Assistant trades and obtained certifications in Infection Control and Radiology Health and Safety. He currently resides in Rockville, Maryland and has been employed at Bishop & Bishop Dental Office since December, 2015.

Prior to his enrollment into Charleston Job Corps, Fleming says he wasn’t doing anything productive and decided he needed more out of life. Fleming states, “I knew there had to be a better way”. Fleming decided to go to a career center in Laurel MD and met with an adviser to discuss his options. The adviser informed Fleming of the Job Corps program and of college opportunities. He chose Job Corps because of the perks, a free education, with room and board. The simple fact of being paid to obtain your education was yet another great incentive. “I didn’t have the means for college and didn’t want to be in debt from student loans,” says Fleming.

Fleming was a very active student while at Job Corps. He served as the President of the Student Government Association, Peer Counselor, Safety Cadet, Dorm Leader and a Gold Phase student, which is associated with a model student. Fleming says, “I wanted to make a difference on the campus and wanted to spearhead the change needed”.

Fleming stated, Job Corps prepared him for his career by teaching the required skills and allowing him to obtain the necessary certifications for his field of training”. “Job Corps also allowed me to learn coping skills and the ability find solutions to life situations”.

Upon returning home, Fleming was informed that additional certifications were required in the state of Maryland. So, he attended training through a temporary employment agency which offered higher certifications and received certifications in Hygiene Associates for Expanded Functions Dental Assistants.

Fleming states that his decision to attend Job Corps has changed the trajectory of his life. “I was traveling down the wrong path at an accelerated pace, say Fleming. My quality of life has improved greatly, because I now lead a productive life and assist others in finding their path. I am independent, self-sufficient with a life plan. My goal is to further my education in college and become a dentist within the next 5-10 years.

I would highly recommend Job Corps to anyone that is not able to see possibilities in their current situation. Job Corps Works!!!

A quote from our Alumni:       “Hard work beats talent, when talent doesn’t work hard”

The Charleston Job Corps Center

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