Charleston Job Corps Partner with Whitney M Young Job Corps

Charleston Job Corps Partner with Whitney M Young Job Corps

Charleston Job Corps’ Network Cable Installation students are working on the initiative to provide increased network connectivity at Whitney M. Young Job Corps.

By enhancing technology-related areas of need, this center-to-center partnership initiative will provide more resources for both students and staff in a variety of contexts. All buildings will benefit from increased network productivity as a result of this initiative. In practically all of its sites, the center is still employing CAT5e cables and older for its network devices such as Desktop PCs, VOIP phones, printers, and Wi-Fi extenders. However, there is high-speed cable or fiber running to each of these buildings.

The Charleston Network Cabling students’ will keep the broadband connection active throughout the structures and aid all staff members who deliver services to students, such as instruction or health and wellness services. By modernizing the MDFs, IDFs, service locations, and Internet, neatness and professionalism will be attained. Once the cables in a building are finished, each site will be plotted out with a floor plan and a numbering system for cutover. To ensure a seamless transition, the IT department will be present during the cutover. Between builds, none of the backbone wires will be impacted or touched. Students will color-code the horizontal patches as they replace the older CAT5e with the newer CAT6e and submit complete and current cable layouts for simple-to-follow service across the center. Additionally, this will make it simple for the center to plan new initiatives. In addition to the cable updates, the installation of Smart TVs, projectors, and a Smartboard in various locations will improve instructional and other services.

This initiative affords Charleston Job Corps students the opportunity to use their training in real work situations, while also providing experience in their field of work. Upon completion of the Network Cable Installation, students will receive Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) 10 training, as well as learn and demonstrate safety. The difference between safe and unsafe installation practices, HAZMAT regulations, equipment grounding applications, cable terminating, stripping, and other testing and labeling scenarios will be covered by students. Students will learn proper cable pulling techniques as well as how to identify all tools and test equipment. Additionally, students will learn how to read blueprints. Students will be taught construction math and shown how to use hand and power tools, including network cables, hand tools, and network cabling testers. They will be taught and demonstrate proper PPE use. Students will learn and practice the Career Success Standards as well as the employability skills required for career success.

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