Charleston Job Corps Center Hosts CRC Quarterly Meeting-January 23, 2015

Charleston Job Corps Center Hosts CRC Quarterly Meeting-January 23, 2015

The Charleston Job Corps Center (CJCC) operated by Horizons Youth Services, held its quarterly Community Relations Council (CRC) meeting on Friday, January 23, 2015 in the center gymnasium. Several members were hand for the first meeting in 2015 for presentations from the departments of Training, Finance and Administrations and Career Services Department.

Kimberly Knapp, BridgeValley Community Technical College serves as CRC president and opened the meeting with a welcome and introductions. Student representative Jacquai Felton called the meeting back to order after lunch and informed members of her Personal Career Development Plan. Joshua Salinas, Career Technical Training Manager urged members to consider joining in a spring run/walk event on the hill to help students stay healthy while boosting motivation and morale. Training Director, Mike Bratcher informed members of the CJCC staff’s commitment to, “We work together as a tam honing skills for students to enter the community vocationally, educationally and with social skills.”

The two highest performing trades on center are Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) and Dental Assistant tying at 104.6%. The center is currently operating under budget with a 50% energy savings rate due to energy efficient appliances. Raymond Blust, Finance and Administration Director said, “We are reinvesting the money back into the center and students with dormitory upgrades, new roofs and hot water systems.” Garr McCrimmon, Career Services Director presented the 2014 Year in Review. McCrimmon said, “We’ve reached the goal of top 50 and working towards top 25.”

CRC Members were engaged and provided feedback to presentations. Tia Welch, Business Community Liaison requested CRC Members to sponsor a student for National Groundhog Job Shadow Day, February 2, 2015 before adjourning the meeting.

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