Charleston Job Corps Celebrates National Wellness Month
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Charleston Job Corps Celebrates National Wellness Month

As if October isn’t awesome enough with costumes, ghouls, candy, and spooky things Charleston Job Corps’ center director, Jacob Fahringer, provides students and staff with a Fall treat of Caramel Apples from Gourmet Granny, in honor of National Wellness Month.

Charleston Job Corps is very happy Gourmet Granny caramel apples will brighten spirits throughout the campus.

Fahringer says, “as well as boosting morale during a period that is noted for anxiety and depression, with the shortening of daylight, a portion of our purchase will be given to our educational systems.”

Here is a little history of how caramel apples came to be:
In the 1950s, a Kraft Foods employee had a plethora of caramel candies leftover from the ghoulish holiday and, apparently, a few apples as well. Figuring out a way to use up these extra caramels, the confectioner, Dan Walker, decided to melt them and covered the apples with the melted caramel, creating an immediate autumnal classic.

As fall is associated so commonly with apple picking, apple cider, and caramel, apples don’t fall far from the metaphorical tree. So as apple season comes to a close in late October, the remaining apples are either used to create a hot cider, apple pie, or deliciously sticky and sweet caramel apples.

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