Charleston Job Corps Alumni Graduate of the Month
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Charleston Job Corps Alumni Graduate of the Month

Alumni/Graduate Silas Carden

Charleston Job Corps’ Alumni Graduate of the month is Silas Carden.

Following high school, in Linden, VA, Silas bounced from job to job in hopes of finding a career. Despite his high school credentials, he soon realized they were not enough to fulfill his dream of a rewarding career. So, he decided to enroll in the Job Corps program, which ultimately enabled him to pursue his chosen career path.
Silas Carden completed Network Cable Installation in 2020. His eagerness to learn, and help others, allowed his appointment as to shop foreman. During his training, Silas completed several work-based learning opportunities, one being a paid position with WV Telecom for installation services. He later planned to enroll in the advanced training program to attend college, however, decided to pursue a job provided by a Job Corps partnership with WV Telecom.

Carden is currently employed with Dish Network, as a cable installer, a position he has held for the last two years. Carden says, Job Corps provided him with leads for his first networking job and also assisted with finding adequate housing in the Charleston area, where he now resides.

Silas is happy to have made the decision to enroll in Job Corps, the skills he obtained have allowed him to keep and maintain his job with Dish Network. He has also gained experience in the field and has an opportunity for advancement in his field of training. Silas Carden proudly says, “Thanks to Job Corps, I now have a Career!”

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