Cascades Students Give Back To The Community
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Cascades Students Give Back To The Community

In the fall of 2010, Cascades students were presented with a unique opportunity to give back to the community while improving on many Career Success Standards including personal growth and development, workplace relationships, interpersonal skills, and multicultural awareness.

The goal is for Cascades students to donate $200.00 dollars a month to a local agency or organization that assists those in need. Two vocations are selected each month, both with a representative that contacts the selected charity and works out the specifics of the fundraiser including delivery of funds. Once a plan is in place, it is put before the Center Director and Programs Director for approval.

The students are off to a great start as the Medical Assistant students raised over $200 dollars for AIDS awareness from a car wash and the Dental students donated $200 dollars to a local “Care for Foster Kids “ program. CNA and Electrical students reached their goal with an on center “Haunted Shop” with the proceeds going to a local teen shelter.

Most recently, the Culinary students raised more than $500 dollars from their holiday cookie sale and that went to the Reverie Foundation that prepares 1,000 meals a month to low income and homeless individuals. Some of the funds also went to a local pet shelter. The Cement Masonry students made concrete baking boards that were dyed and polished and came in various sizes. They raised $400 dollars for those same organizations.

The students will be hard at work to reach these goals through out the year, and they really don’t mind the little “extra” incentive: Casual Dress Fridays if the goal is met!!

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