Perkins Job Corps grad advancing towards career goals!

Perkins Job Corps grad advancing towards career goals!

Carl D. Perkins Job Corps graduate, Jacqueline “Ariel” Plummer edges one step closer to her ultimate career goal! Plummer, originally from Lancaster, KY joined Perkins Job Corps in Prestonsburg, KY to pursue Culinary Arts training in October 2019 via a partnership with Carl D. Perkins Vocational Rehabilitation and Training Program. Plummer transferred in January 2021 to participate in Advanced Culinary Training at Earle C. Clements Job Corps Center in Morganfield, KY. Advanced Culinary Arts training is just one step in Plummer’s career plan towards her ultimate career goal of owning her own café.

Plummer has dreamed of owning her own café since the age of 10. Plummer’s social media and life has been centered around good food, new dishes, exciting, and unknown eateries. She has always had a passion for cooking and owning her own café. She even named her dog “Cashew.”
Plummer has faced more challenges than the average youth growing up, in that Plummer was born with a hearing impairment. “Job Corps assisted me with an interpreter, paper notes, and installing mirrors in the kitchen, so I could see behind me.” says Plummer. ”
“I recommend Job corps to my friends because it is less stressful than college, it can help prepare you for college, and when you attend job corps they provide you with the opportunity for a technical education and work experience!”

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