Carl D Perkins Job Corps “Works” for 23 year old Rayshad Thompson

Carl D Perkins Job Corps “Works” for 23 year old Rayshad Thompson

Rayshad Thompson, 23 year old graduate from Miami FL, began his journey at the Carl D. Perkins Job Corps on January 23, 2012. Rayshad came to the center with no high school diploma or direction at the time.  With the completion of his Career Prepration Phase (CPP) approached, Rayshad had already chosen the  Culinary Arts class for his skill choice. Rayshad was then enrolled in half day high school classes and half day Culinary Arts.

Rayshad soon became a class leader,and a vital part of the student leadership program on center, in the role of Sgt. at arms in the dorms, wing president, and Peer Counselor. Rayshad also held positions in the Work Based Learning(WBL) program,  were students get to intern with local employers and get on the job training and pratice learned skills.  Running the student grill at the Big Sandy Techinal & Community College, as well as assisting at Jenny Wiley State Park. When Rayshad completed Culinary and obtained his high school diploma, he thought about going home and began  work in the Culinary field, but decided to stay on at Perkins and take advatnage of some additional training. With the more training and eduecation you have, the more employable you are attitude!

 This is exactly what Rayshad did,  entered the Security & Protective Services class. Not only did he love the class, he excelled and again was called upon for that class leadership role. Rayshad spent the next year, in the trade obtaining several certifications in,  OC Pepper Spray, Handcuffing, Edged Weapon Defense, Control & Restraint, First Aid/CPR, Expandable Baton, Electronic Control Device Hornet Taser, and Community Emergency Response Training (CERT).

Rayshad, also held the President status of the Centers Student Government Association(SGA)  which he excelled at and delt with that role with dedication and professionalism. Rayshad graduated from the Carl D Perkins Job Corps on December 10, 2013. When he returnted to Miami, it was all business! Rayshad obtained his class D liscense and began working full time as a Security Guard with Platinum Security, by December 19th,  putting all of his Job Corps training to use.

Rayshad is just  one of several sucess stories, continuing  to show that “Job Corps Works” for young adults , needing that  second chance.

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