New simulator mimics distracted driving

New simulator mimics distracted driving

Originally aired June 13, 2012 on KEVN, Black Hills Fox television, story by Zach Nugent. Video may be found here. Photo: Dave Renli (Sioux Empire Safety Village) explains the dangers of distracted driving to Brandon Olson as Dustin Boyter and Mason Whirlwind look on.

Distracted driving is not a new problem in South Dakota but some area students are getting a new experience to show them the possible consequences.  A new driving simulator has been set up this week for students at Box Elder Job Corps. 

The simulator allows students to see and feel what it’s like to text and drive or drink and drive.  It then shows students the true consequences of these actions everything from the initial arrest to court proceedings.

Job Corps Safety Officer Toby Aberle says, “The simulator had them go to court and had the victim’s relatives get up and speak about how they miss their family member and it’s their fault. And then a sentence is handed down and it’s very realistic.”

Student Darrion Rouse says, “It was really intense. It’s a really, really good program. It shows us what people are doing in my age group. A lot of people text and drive and a lot of people drink and drive around my age and it’s really good awareness.”

The simulator is the first of its kind to be used in this region. It will be taken to Sturgis next week.

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