Job Corp Students Build Wheel Chair Ramp For Box Elder Resident

Job Corp Students Build Wheel Chair Ramp For Box Elder Resident

Story originally posted on NeighborWorks Dakota Home Resources blog. Reposted with permission.

(Pictured Above L to R: Carpentry Instructor Lance Steinberg, Leland Fryer, Brandon Olson, Richard Cameron, David Carabetta, Sam Sheffer and BCL Jeff Hayward)

NeighborWorks® Dakota Home Resources Revive 5 event overflowed into Box Elder, positively impacting disabled veteran and long time Box Elder resident Jerry Felts. Boxelder Job Corp carpentry students partnered with NeighborWorks® Dakota Home Resources to build Jerry and his wife a wheel chair ramp.

Felts has struggled with his health since 1995.  With daily medical visits it makes it very difficult to get up and down the outside stairs.  “Sometimes it would take me twenty minutes to get up those stairs” Felts stated. With a new wheel chair ramp Felts will have easier access in out of his home, making his daily medical trips a little less stressful.  Felts stated that the students are making a big difference in his life, “I’ll remember this for the rest of my life, and they’ll never know how much I appreciate it.”

“Projects like this not only provide our students with hands on experience but it gives them an opportunity to give back to the community” stated lead carpentry instructor, Lance Steinberg.  
Boxelder student Richard Comeron explained how the Job Corp Program is a great way to gain experience in a professional trade and have a good start on life. “I have been in the program for about 6 months and I have already learned a lot,” explained Comeron..      NeighborWorks Dakota Home Resources would like to thank all of the Boxelder

Job Corp volunteers and Rapid City Knechts. Knechts provided a discount to purchase supplies and delivered the materials at no cost.   It is our many strong partnerships and volunteers that continue to support and enrich our communities.

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