Blue Ridge Job Corps Students Success – Sarai Gallo Cruz

Blue Ridge Job Corps Students Success – Sarai Gallo Cruz

Sarai Gallo Cruz
Age: 20
Hometown: Reston, VA
Region: Philadelphia
Center: Blue Ridge
Dates enrolled: 9/23/2019 – 1/8/21
Training: Certified Nursing Assistant

After graduation high school, Sarai Gallo Cruz enjoyed a gap year as she spent time with family, grew as a person, and planned her next steps. She knew she wanted to further her educations, but wasn’t sure what form that would take. That was until she discovered Job Corps. “What really drew me to the Job Corps program was the opportunity to have some independence, and unlike a traditional college, Job Corps was free,” she stated.
Sarai proved a very focused and capable student from the moment she arrived on center, as she put her full efforts into becoming a certified nursing assistant. She still made time, however, to engage in community service activities, volunteering with activities at local elementary schools and helping with packaging and distributing meals and groceries at Atkins Food Pantry.
Upon completing the program, Sarai gained employment at Hunters Woods at Trails Edge in Reston, VA, where she works as a certified nursing assistant. She also plans to enroll at Northern Virginia Community College in the Fall to pursue a degree in nursing.
Ultimately, Sarai gained the independence she had been seeking. “I was able to build up my credit, which led to my car and apartment, and I know that with hard work and dedication, any Job Corps student can achieve the same.”

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