Blue Ridge Job Corps Student Success – Tyneequa Staton-Fuller

Blue Ridge Job Corps Student Success – Tyneequa Staton-Fuller

Tyneequa Staton-Fuller
Age: 24
Hometown: Suffolk, VA
Region: Philadelphia
Center: Blue Ridge
Dates enrolled: 2/25/2015 – 4/26/2016
Training: Certified Nursing Assistant, Medical Administrative Assistant, Certified Phlebotomy Technician

“Life was hard growing up,” explained Tyneequa (Ty) Staton-Fuller, and she admits that she did not handle her hardships with maturity throughout her youth. “I was getting into a lot of trouble, she said, “at school, at home and even in public.” This led to her being kicked out of her home once she turned 18, and she became homeless for a time. “At 18 years old, I was literally living on the street,” she said. Fortunately, she was able to find refuge with a member of her church, who gave her a place to stay temporarily. Ty knew that this situation wasn’t sustainable, and she began to seriously look for opportunities to move forward and put herself on a successful track.
For Ty, Job Corps became a way out when she needed it most. Not only would they provide a place to live, which was her most pressing need, but she would be able to gain the skills and education necessary to start a career and ensure she would not find herself homeless again.
After Arriving at Blue Ridge Job Corps in February 2015, Ty immediately got to work, and she finished the program in a little over a years, earning certifications at a certified nursing assistant, medical administrative assistant, and certified phlebotomy technician. Upon graduation, Ty had a job waiting for her as a CNA at Harmony Senior Services in Newport News, where she worked as she continued her education to become a licensed practical nurse. In May 2019, she graduated from ECPI University as a LPN, but she didn’t stop there, as she is currently enrolled in ECPI’s Registered Nursing program. All this hard work has paid off, with Ty having her own apartment for the past three years, where she lives with her new baby boy, Prince.
“Always remember where you came from,” Ty stated, “but don’t let your past define you. Always reach for the stars and know that you CAN do it!”

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