Blue Ridge Job Corps Student Success – M’Kayla Husted

Blue Ridge Job Corps Student Success – M’Kayla Husted

M’Kayla Husted
Age: 25
Hometown: Waverly, VA
Region: Philadelphia
Center: Blue Ridge
Dates enrolled: 8/21/2018 – 10/2/2020
Training: Clinical Medical Assistant, Phlebotomy Technician, Patient Care Technician.

When asked what she would do with her life if could do anything she wanted, M’Kayla Husted answered, “Help people. I want to be there for other people.” Figuring out exactly how to do that was the tricky part. M’Kayla explained that she had a great support system and many opportunities, but it was hard to decide on the right path for herself. M’Kayla’s brother had attended Job Corps and had success, and once M’Kayla researched the various health care opportunities, she decided to enroll at Blue Ridge Job Corps Center.
While in the program, M’Kayla earned several certifications, including Clinical Medical Assistant, Phlebotomy Technician, and Patient Care Technician. She was also involved in a variety of volunteering, such as tutoring and serving as a dorm leader, while also helping out with activities at local elementary schools.
M’Kayla decided not to stop there, as she is now enrolled at Seminole State College where she is pursuing a degree as a Physicial Therapy Assistant. She discovered this path when she unfortunately broke her ankle, and was under the care of a PTA. Now she wants to help others in similar situations.
“Opportunities do not come along every day,” M’Kayla explained, “so make sure you take advantage of them when the arrive.

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