Blue Ridge Job Corps Student Success – Kristena Mitchell

Blue Ridge Job Corps Student Success – Kristena Mitchell

Kristena Mitchell
Age: 31
Hometown: Richmond, VA
Region: Philadelphia
Center: Blue Ridge
Dates enrolled: 3/2/2010 – 6/25/2010
Training: Certified Nursing Assistant, High School Diploma

Prior to enrolling in Job Corps, Kristena Mitchell had gone through a quite a tough few years. She had married young, and unfortunately it did not end well. Separated from her husband, Kristena found herself homeless, staying with a friend’s family when they were able to take her in. She did not have a high school diploma, so she took the only job she could find, working for tips at a pizza restaurant. She knew that she was capable of so much more in her life, and began searching for a way out of her situation.
Kristena discovered and opportunity in Marion, VA, called Blue Ridge Job Corps. She could not pass up the opportunity to earn a free education and set herself up for future success. She arrived at Blue Ridge in early March 2010, and by the end of June, she had completed her high school diploma and already passed her state board exam to become a CNA.
When Kristena returned to Richmond, she was able to do something she could not have done without Job Corps: enroll in college. With high school diploma in hand, Kristena was able to earn her bachelor’s degree is psychology at Virginia Commonwealth University. She was able to utilize her degree to obtain her current job as a Human Resources Manager at Mondelez (Nabisco).
“Regardless of the challenges,” she says, “don’t give up on your goals. Job Corps can provide the stepping stone that you need in order to be a success.”

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