Blue Ridge Job Corps Student Success – Eulabell Williams

Blue Ridge Job Corps Student Success – Eulabell Williams

Eulabell Williams

Age: 28

Hometown: Richmond, VA

Region: Philadelphia

Center: Blue Ridge

Dates enrolled: 8/5/2014 – 6/10/2015

Training: Medical Administrative Assistant, Insurance Claims Processor

Eulebell Williams admits she experienced a tough life growing up. From age 11 to 17, she was in the foster care system. “I was separated from all my family and friends and had to start life over,” she explained. She was able to get by in school, but was unsure of what she wanted to do afterwards. She knew something had to change. “I wanted my life to be different I wanted to be prosperous and successful,” she remembered.

This is when Job Corps entered the picture. Eulabell was intrigued by the variety of medical programs offered at the Blue Ridge campus, so she decided to enroll. “It was the best decision I’ve ever made,” Eulabell explained. She remembers feeling the positive energy from staff members, which pushed her to work even harder toward her goals. When she earned her certifications in medical administrative assistant and insurance claims process, she described it as the proudest moment of her life. Eulabell was also involved in a variety of extracurricular activities, including work with the Salvation Army and serving in the Student Government Association.

Eulabell is currently employed at VCU Medical Center as a hospitality worker. The helps sustain her as she continues her education, as she is a junior at Devry University pursuing a degree in human resource management.

“Speak positively to yourself in hard times and the main thing is DON’T GIVE UP,” she advised. “Take the whole experience and make it yours.”

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