Dr. Benjamin L. Hooks Job Corps Success Story
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Dr. Benjamin L. Hooks Job Corps Success Story

Jarett Brigham, a graduate of Dr. Benjamin L. Hooks Job Corps Center, is a great example of how Job Corps works. Following completion of the center Accounting Trade, Brigham enrolled in the Transportation Communications International Union (TCU/IAM) program at Excelsior Springs Job Corps. Brigham began his career with Amtrak in September of 2006 as an On Board Service Attendant on the Auto Train. Just over two years later, in December of 2008, Brigham was promoted to Assistant Conductor on the Auto Train. Just months later in June of 2009, he was promoted to Conductor. In April, 2012, Brigham was promoted to Instructor in the Operating Practices Department in Washington, DC and just one month later was promoted to Trainmaster for Amtrak in New Haven, CT! He credits Job Corps for helping him succeed in his career. Brigham stated, “The tools that you pick up there before becoming a part of working America prove to be invaluable. While I do celebrate my success, I have not forgotten where I came from. I encourage all of the students in the Job Corps program to continue working hard and to never give up.” Brigham’s success is yet another testament to the effectiveness of the Job Corps program.

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