CMT acknowledges the winners that placed

CMT acknowledges the winners that placed

The Career Mentoring Team (CMT) that had their first, second and third place winners.  The Cement Masonry trade won first place, second place was Welding and third place was Office Administration.  The manager for Cement Masonry is Calvin Wilson, Administration and Finance, and the instructor is Kenneth Harris.  The manager for Welding is Tarun Prabhakar, Finance and Office Administration is manager is Evelyn Stanley, Business Community Liaison and the instructor is Keisha Alves. 

What is the purpose of the CMT?  Well, let me tell you.  Each manager on center is over and responsible for a trade and the staff is divided equally to assist each manager.  Each manager and the staff for each trade have three to five mentees.  We met with the staff and students every Wednesday at 2:00-3:35 p.m.  The manager and staff are responsible for having lessons of the trade, practical coaching skills, landing jobs in the in the job market and social skills.  Each month a trade can win first place of $400.00, second place of $200.00, and third place of $75.00.  The winner of each trade is based on:

  • the number of negative write-ups received
  • unexcused absences
  • AWOL’s
  • unexcused tardies

All staff will have the opportunity to keep up with each of their mentees and tally the total at the end of the both.  The OMS 20-p reported is pulled, separated and the at risk totals are added together minus the negatives.  The negative total is added to any positives or extra center support the mentees may have received which produces the final total.  Each trade have their own slogan or motto.  Competition among the trades is at a all time high.

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