Bamberg Job Corps Gentlemen’s Club having a Food Drive to assist the local Cheese and Cracker Box
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Bamberg Job Corps Gentlemen’s Club having a Food Drive to assist the local Cheese and Cracker Box

 They have been collecting food items since for a few weeks and will be ready to send the items out the first week in May. The Job Corps males have been checking each day with the different departments adding items to their collection.  The Gentlemen Club has collected ten large boxes of food.  The items that have been collected are cereal, canned vegetables/fruits, water/juice, and sanitary products.
The mission of the Gentlemen Club was designed to attract, recognize, reward and advance student success by providing practical and advance techniques in leadership concepts for Job Corp’s ablest and most motivated men.  In addition, the organization reinforces intellectual growth, promotes cultural enrichment and cultivates social development.  In being apart of the Gentlemen Club, male students will explore basic leadership skills, learn team-building concepts, learn to lead with integrity, learn critical goal-setting skills, learn proper etiquette in the business arena and take part in community service projects. The traits that must be displayed by the young men are brotherhood, service, character, heritage, truth and knowledge.
The young males who are members of the Gentlemen Club are Quinton Thomas, Alexander Walker, Michael Cabbagestalk, Mitchell Harris, Victor Smith, and Johnny Joyner.  President of the Gentlemen Club, Alexander Walker comments, “There is nothing better than helping someone in need.  I know someone is always in need of food and other accessories.”
The Gentlemen Club was started in 2008 by Mr. Christopher Green, the Career Skills Instructor here at Job Corps and it has become a major success among the young males on center.  Mr. Walter Kinlaw is the Facilitator of the Gentlemen Club now.  Mr. Kinlaw is a former graduate of Bamberg Job Corps Center.  He is presently a South Carolina State University student and an intern under Mr. Angus Kirkland, Training Employee Assistance Program (TEAP) Specialist, at Bamberg Job Corps Center. Mr. Kirkland also assists with the Gentlemen’s Club.

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