Juliana Torres – Arecibo Job Corps

Juliana Torres – Arecibo Job Corps

Juliana Torres lives in the town of Manatí, Puerto Rico.  On  March 24, 2009 she joined Arecibo Job Corps Center. When she enrolled, she had only a grade 10 completed.  She was raised by her two oldest sisters because her parents passed away when she was eight years old. When she was 14 years old, she was removed from her sisters house and sent to a foster home. Juliana faced many trials, hardships, and tribulations before entering.

It was then when her social worker told her about Job Corps, she was interested, interviewed, and he made all the arrangements for Juliana to join.  Due to what had happened with her parents, she wanted to become a nurse to be able to help people and at the same time, accomplish what her sister was not able to do, become a nurse.

We asked Juliana what her goals were, and she answered: “I want to acquire my high school diploma, finish my Licensed Practical Nurse Technical Training, and get a job related to my profession”.

Juliana is secretary of the Student Government Association, and is a member of the Equal Employment Opportunity Team and Trainee Employee Assistance Program Team. She will be separated from the Program on December 10, 2010 with a job at Doctors Center Hospital in Manatí earning $8.65 per hour in a full-time job.

We asked her how does she feel at this moment and her opinion  of Job Corps, to which she said: “I am accomplishing all I had set my mind to do when enrolling in Job Corps  and with Job Corps help, I have my degree and a job.  My life is changing in a great way and now I can look ahead of me and see how my life will be in a different way. She added: “My plans now are to be a regular employee at the hospital, continue to study to get an associate degree, then a bachelors degree as a nurse, and finally specialize myself in physical therapy”.

We asked Juliana who is her Model, Mentor, and Monitor in Job Corps and she answered:“My Model here in Job Corps  is Lisa Velez, Nurse Instructor because she is dedicated,  loves her job, and enjoys teaching.  My Mentor is Pedro Santiago, Nurse Instructor because he helps you at all times when you need him and is always available. My Monitor is Mitzaida López, Case Evaluator and Nilsa González, Science Instructor because they both have been always on the look out for me. Every time I need advice and even when I think I do not need it, they motivate me to keep on track. She has made me become committed , responsible, and showed me the importance of being a punctual and responsible student with all her advice”.  

Juliana also said “I would recommend Job Corps to all young adults that have not finished studying and want to become a successful person in life. You will not find a better place other than Job Corps that will help you accomplish your goals and at the same time, pay for everything, receive orientation, and all the help you need to reach your goals.  There is no excuse to not be able to acquire achievements and accomplishments to  better yourself if you really want to. I had nothing, and now I even have working experience and education”.

We wish Juliana Torres success with his new future”.

  By: Nancy Maisonet, Career Development Service Secretary

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