Faces of Job Corps: Mark Smith
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Faces of Job Corps: Mark Smith

Mark Smith came to the Albuquerque Job Corps Center as an Advanced Welding student after completing basic welding at the Woodstock Center in Baltimore, Maryland.  He already had his High School Diploma and was an exemplary student back home.  He claims that his Mom made him join but it was a great decision as he wanted a career and not just a job.  He did not want college or a dead end $8 an hour job so he decided to not fight his mom and gave Job Corps a chance.

He has been one of the few Advanced welding students in the country and since his almost year here at the Albuquerque Job corps Center has
• Been working on a training on his career in Pipe welding and getting his certs
• Been shop Foreman for the past 6 months
• Achieved Platinum level, the highest level in the Behavior Management System
• Is a Leader in the Advanced Training, Advanced Career Training Dorm, a dorm without an RA
• Is President of the Advanced Training, Advanced Career Training Dorm
• Teaches Independent Living skills to his peers

In Mark’s Own words:

“I really like the way that the staff on our TEAM really look out for the students, those that help the students get better.”

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