Albuquerque Job Corp Students Nurture ARCA through Volunteer Service at Scanlon Farm

Albuquerque Job Corp Students Nurture ARCA through Volunteer Service at Scanlon Farm

 ARCA provides services for over 600 individuals with developmental disabilities in the greater Albuquerque area.  Founded in 1957 by four families who wanted their children to have opportunities to lead rich, full lives, ARCA services include community based living, vocational training and support, literacy, adoption and foster care.  Today, ARCA works with people from infancy through their golden years – always creating opportunities for people to give back to our community.  

It has been crucial to develop long-term revenue streams to help supplement the growing gaps in Medicaid and other government funding which adhere to the ARCA mission.  ARCA Organics provides individuals the opportunity to work, engage in the community and generate revenue to assure ARCA’s remarkable programs will be available in New Mexico for as long as the need exists.

 The success of our ARCA Organics program is dependent on community investment.  Once again, Albuqueque Job Corps students are working on the weekends to make this program shine.  Last year they helped by weeding to mulching to clearing farmland,  and invested their spirit and hard work into producing services and supports enabling the people we serve to become productive members of our community.  Starting this month, they are again working to plant and build on the work of last year. 

Jim Douglas, ARCA Organics Division Director, said, “We just could not do what we do without the support of these amazing young people.  It is a true community wide partnership – Job Corps nurtures our farm, our organic produce nurtures our community, our community nurtures ARCA and, we hope, Job Corps feels nurtured by ARCA.”  Manny Martinez, Recreational Manager, Job Corps, spearheads te partnership.




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