Albuquerque JCC Christmas Carolers Spread Holiday Cheer

Albuquerque JCC Christmas Carolers Spread Holiday Cheer

Christmas caroling is one of the oldest traditions of the holiday season, but it’s still a fun activity to take part in today. The Student Government Association leadership team at the Albuquerque Job Corps Center took the time to spread some good cheer around the Rio at Las Estancias Nursing Home. After singing songs, giving hugs and talking with residents, Candice Gibbs, an AJCC student said, “I think a lot of people don’t realize that people who are in assisted living or nursing homes are just left there. They’re surrounded by the same thing every day.  They don’t have the opportunity to go out to see a show or a Christmas program their church or community is doing.”  The other students said how grateful they were to be able to participate in such a wonderful day of giving.

As students gathered in front of the residents, they grabbed their song sheets and began to wave and sing, although a little off-key. One of the residents just laughed and said, “It’s kind of like in olden days.” Ms. Saiz, the Student Government Coordinator said, “I explain to the kids, this is the best Christmas gift they will give to anyone.” All in attendance at this event left with their hearts full of blessings during this time of year.

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