Eight Career Success Standards fulfilled with Public Service Projects at Job Corps
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Eight Career Success Standards fulfilled with Public Service Projects at Job Corps

It’s early in the work day. Students are volunteering for a public service project. They’re on time for the bus. At the work site they listen to the safety briefing of the field boss. They ask questions about areas they are unsure about. They see that the other volunteers are from different organizations. Many are older or younger. Many are a different nationality. Some speak in a different language. Students are fine with that. They have learned to adjust to new situations and they know their goal is to finish this project. While they are working, they talk with others and learn about their histories. They adjust to “accents” and the hierarchy of the working schedule. They assist others. They consult the info boards for task entries and they log their time accurately. Sometimes they think about the value of the project, in terms of helping their community. They entertain ideas of working in different fields and expanding their career plans. They listen carefully when advice and directions are offered.

At the end of the day, the crew boss announces that he is very proud of their work. He says he sees good employability skills in each of the student volunteers. Students go back to center tired but proud. Later the public accolades and press compliments arrive. But most importantly, employers approach Job Corps about potential work base sites for these students they saw working.

This non-specific write-up shows how a public service project brings out absolutely all of the Career Success Standards we require in the Alaska  Job Corps program. In addition, the involvement in a public service project combines pride with training and service. This is the kind of lesson that students remember and this is the importance of community contributions. Learning to give service is a positive self-development opportunity which should be available to all students.

Alaska Job Corps is operated by Chugach Government Solutions as part of their educational effort to provide training and safety to young adults in the National Job Corps program.

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