Alaska Job Corps Student Success Story
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Alaska Job Corps Student Success Story



Tyler Barnes is 19 years old and an Alaska Job Corps Graduate in the Computer Technician trade.  He is also now the Director of I.T.  Services and working directly for the CEO of Coming Attractions Theatres, Inc. 

This wasn’t an accidental or lucky placement.  He says, “Job Corps taught me a trade; they taught me communication; and they taught me how to work with others.”  He stayed about 18 months in the program and earned a high school diploma, trade credentials, A+ Certification, OSHA training, and his Alaska Driver’s License.  He was in several leadership positions on center including Safety Aide and New Student Advisor.  Job Corps became a positive outlet for his skills and he left the “negative stuff” behind.

Tyler says, “The quality of education was good.  But you really don’t realize the depth of your skill set until you try to function in the real world.”   Tyler started off tearing tickets at the movie theater; it was a weekend part time job.  Soon his drive and skills became obvious to the management.  He was promoted quickly.  He says, “I’m a bit overwhelmed and I never expected this kind of success.”  But he is still humble.  He has a little smile and explains that he really learned problem-solving and multitasking in the dorms, at the safety desk and doing center support.  Plus he remembers well the hours he spent with his Computer Repair instructor. 

Tyler is being transferred to the Corporate Office.  He will be the “go to–digital guy” for all the theaters.  He has a “sweet” corporate vehicle and a healthy paycheck to go with it.  Before he left, he was armed with Job Corps material to share with other young people.  “Job Corps turned it around for me.  I hope to help others in the same way.”

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